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The Oaks Plastic Surgery will take care of your laceration outside of the Emergency Room!

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Reasons to avoid the Emergency Room:

  • Exposure to sick patient in the Emergency Rooms.

  • Currently our Emergency Rooms are running out of space.

  • To avoid unnecessary possible exposure CVOID 19

  • Your repair might be completed by non-plastic surgeon

  • High Cost – unclear payment with in-network vs out-network payment

Emergency Rooms have high cost and unclear in network versus out of network benefits. According to a recent study done in Washington state, the average emergency room charge for repair of an open wound of a finger was $927; of a hand was $1,063, of a forehead was $1,665 and of a scalp was $1,869

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When to call? What is a laceration of cut?

If you have injured yourself that resulted in a break in your skin, you may need your laceration (cut) to be repaired. In addition, you will likely need your wound washed out.

Most of the time these repairs can be completed in an office setting, not the Emergency Room.

Reasons you may need to go Emergency Room include but not limited to:

  • Broken bone

  • Cut to your tendons

  • Cut that results in bleeding that can not be stopped.

  • Multiple injuries at the same time

  • Any injury outside side of a laceration you will need to call your local ER

  • Some pediatric (children) patients that will need sedation

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The Oaks Plastic Surgery Payment made simple!

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  • $150 – No repair is need but full access to the physician for 4 weeks until injury is likely resolved
  • $450 – In office laceration repair and wound washout.
  • $900 – * Depends on location but the Plastic Surgeon will come to your location to wash the wound and repair the laceration.

All pricing includes

  • 3 weeks of follow up
  • Antibiotic prescription
  • Mild to Moderate Pain Medication
  • Prescription to any therapy needed

* After Speaking with The Oaks Plastic Surgery, if the injury appears to be more severe and emergency room care is required that recommendation will be made. No charge if The Oaks Plastic Surgery recommends Emergency Room care
* Insurance will only be used if the injury is worse than a laceration and your injury needs to be completed in the operating room (i.e broken bone, tendon injury)

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