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Breast Augmentation

At the Bottom is your Pre-Op Quiz/Receipt of Completion.
Your Consents are below to read as well. You will sign them in the office.

Information you need to bring to the hospital:

You should come prepared with all of your medical information. Nurses at the hospital will ask you to list any medical conditions you have, any prior surgeries, any medical drug allergies, and to give a list of all medications you take with the correct doses. It is much easier if you prepare this information ahead of time.

How do i care for myself after surgery?

  • Make arrangements to have someone drive you, to and from your surgery.
  • Having someone stay with you for at least the first 48 hrs after surgery is highly recommended.
  • Be sure to fill your prescriptions before your surgery since it means one less thing for you to worry about afterwards.
  • Arrive for your surgery in loose, comfortable clothing. Your top should button or zip rather than pull over your head.
  • Leave any bras, bandages, abdominal binders, drains, and or dressings on until you see your surgeon back for PostOp. We will place your full compression complimentary garment on you during your PostOp.
  • Take antibiotics and your pain medication only as prescribed by the office.
  • Most sutures are left to dissolve on its own. The ones that don't can be trimmed in the office.

Important Reminders

Please stop eating/drinking the night before your surgery @ 10pm. ZERO eating or drinking after 10pm. You can brush your teeth like normal but please be mindful of not drinking mouthwash/rinse water. Please Do Not chew gum as they will cancel surgery for it. Should you fail your nicotine test (for your safety) surgery will be canceled also. Your visit to the Hospital for their portion of "PreOp" allows you to show up empty handed. No need to carry jewelry, bags, cellphone, DL, wallet, etc (unless you direly want too)- The Hospital has you registered so you do not need to take absolutely anything, just yourself in that comfy pj/outfit that zips up towards the front/doesn't go over your head and that's it!
Finger Nails: Please remove all finger nail polish prior to your arrival to the hospital!

Important Medication Information:

Medications will be assigned at Pre-OP please be sure to give your Medical Assistant your preferred Pharmacy.
If you are allergic to any of the following medications please let your provider know!
Keflex (Cephalexin): 500 mg QID (four times a day), 10 to 14 day supply. (take with food)
Ultram (Tramadol): 50mg Q4H PRN (every 4 hours as needed for pain), 40 tablets 10 days (take with food) This medication is narcotic – can cause constipation and addiction
Please start a probiotic of any kind over the counter 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after surgery.

General Medication Information:

Pain pills can cause side effects such as:
  • Itching - over the counter Benadryl is still the best medication you can take for itching, which is a common side effect of pain medications.
  • Nausea - drink light liquids and try soft foods. If the nausea or vomiting persists, we can have an anti-nausea medication prescribed.
  • Constipation – take Dulcolax and Senokot Daily (over the counter)
Please inform your doctor if you work in the healthcare or fitness industry, as traditionally, these occupations have higher exposure to MRSA. Your doctor may modify your antibiotic regimen or perform decolonization with mupirocin prior to surgery.
Do not drive while taking narcotic medication or valium post operatively.

To Recap:

It's important that you do not smoke 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery. This includes cigarettes and cigars, pie tobacco, chew, gum, "the patch", and yes, e-cigarette vaporizers as well. Nicote hinders healthy blood circulation, and can have a negative impact on your surgery. It also can place you at a significantly higher risk for complications involving anesthesia.
No crash dieting 2 weeks before surgery, please refrain from taking ibuprofen/aspirin(Advil/Motrin), turmeric, fish-oil, garlic powder, Vitamin E as it's shown to thin your blood/increase bleeding . It is generally a good idea to stop taking nutritional supplements during this time as their interactions with surgical procedures are still poorly understood. herbal supplements(also 2 weeks before surgery). We may also ask you to temporarily stop drinking red wine, or alcohol for two weeks before and after your procedure. If you have any questions or doubts about the medications you regularly take, do not hesitate to ask us for clarification. Please DO- Up your Protein anytime before surgery because we make sure to super stress about Up-ing your protein after surgery as well- this will help with wound healing and recovery.
The evening of surgery, we want you to walk around and may even get a very casual dinner. As long as you don’t drive or overexert yourself in any way. It is extremely important that you start moving as soon as possible to help prevent any blood clots and speed the recovery process.
You will be placed in a Bra after surgery. You will have surgical tape on your incisions.
Leave this tape on until it falls off or your surgeon “clears you” to remove it, please. Do not peel it off as the tape helps heal the wound and improves your scar in the future. “The longer the tape remains, the prettier your scar will be.” If this is removed too soon, breakage of the skin or increased scarring can occur.
After surgery, it’s best to go to bed with your head and shoulders elevated on at least 2 firm pillows (approximately 30 degrees).
While in bed during your recovery, lie on your back, keep your head
elevated and your knees slightly bent. Driving may be resumed when a sharp turn of the steering wheel does not cause you pain: this can be 5 to 7 days. Please don’t drive while taking pain relievers or diazepam.
No lifting anything heavier than a Gallon of milk for 2 weeks. No lifting heavy objects > 10 pounds for 6 weeks. Do not activate your pectoral muscles for 6 weeks after surgery. No strenuous activity that increases heart rate for 2 weeks, no jumping or bouncing (includes running, spinning classes, etc.) All incisions will be extremely sensitive to sunlight during the healing phase. You should avoid direct contact with the sun or tanning booths. Use of clinical grade sunscreen with SPF 30 and zinc oxide (UVA and UVB protection) is recommended for at least 6 months, even under a bathing suit.
We want you to UP your protein-lower your carbs and lower your salt intake- doing this will help you recover and swell down faster. So please make sure to get plenty of protein during your recovery process. Make sure to have something in your stomach before taking your pain medications and always remember to include your laxative with your medications as well. Drink lots and lots of water.
You can shower @ Day 2 after surgery. Make sure you have someone to help get you in and out of your shower. A lot of the time, giving our back to the water first helps keep the water pressure from hurting. Warm water not HOT. Don't rub incision areas. Just let the soap and water run over. You can (with your own clean hand or clean wash-towel) in a gentle way/circular motion, wash everything else around-Let water run over the rest. Do not immerse any incisions in baths, swimming pools or any other body of water, please. We don't want you to risk an infection.
Once again, when you begin your meds please include a laxative. Should you experience nausea, have some ginger ale handy. It'll help a ton. If the nausea is severe, please let your surgeon know and they can e-prescribe in a nausea med to help you with that.

Things that you should have ready for yourself after surgery:

  • Prescriptions
  • Antiseptic Wash (this should be used evening before surgery and morning of surgery).
  • Water
  • Dial Soap-Blue
  • High Protein on-hand foods
  • Ginger Ale (A side of anesthesia is nausea- ginger helps)
  • A Zip Front Or Long Nightgown that clips to the front (What you wear into the hospital, they'll send you back home/hotel in)
  • Zip-Front sport bras; we recommend Avia or Asics with a supportive band.
  • Laxative-Any brand works (Anesthesia and taking meds in combination can constipate you, please start your laxative the moment you start your meds)
Admissions and The Doctor will call a member of your family the moment we transfer you to recovery and will have that name/number on hand as your point of contact for custody and pick-up. May I have you send me the full name and number of who you'd like that person to be?

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