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C Section Plastic Surgery Houston, TX

Pregnancy and childbirth can take a huge toll on a woman’s body--especially when birth happens as a C section. A plastic surgery C section closure can help minimize cosmetic damage to your abdomen, helping you feel confident in your postpartum body.

At The Oaks Plastic Surgery (TOPS) Houston, we offer C section closure to patients who want to minimize their C section scars or help improve the appearance and feeling of previous C section scars.

C Section Plastic Surgery Houston, TX

What is a Plastic Surgery C Section Closure?

Depending on where and how you are planning to give birth, a plastic surgeon from TOPS Houston could join you in the operating room to perform your initial incision and the closure after your C section.

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Why Choose A Plastic Surgery C Section Closure?

Obstetricians are experts in safely delivering your baby and are well-qualified to perform sutures after your C section delivery. However, it’s difficult for some obstetricians to match the cosmetic results of a plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgeons are experts in ensuring that surgical scars are as small and subtle as possible. Our surgeons will help ensure that your incision is stitched in a way that promotes both optimal healing and improved cosmetic appearance. Working with a TOPS Houston plastic surgeon for your closure could help you avoid unsightly scars and the dreaded C section “shelf,” a small pooch of skin and fat that often protrudes over C section scars.

If this isn’t your first C section, a closure from a TOPS Houston surgeon can still help improve the appearance of your C section scar. In fact, many women who previously had large, jagged scars from previous C sections end up with a straight, subtle scar after a closure from our surgeons.

What Can You Expect at Your Initial Consultation for a Plastic Surgery C Section Closure?

At your initial consultation, you’ll meet with a TOPS Houston plastic surgeon and determine if a plastic surgery C section closure is an option for you. You’ll discuss your medical history, including previous pregnancies and deliveries and the state of your current pregnancy.

You’ll have a chance to tell your doctor about your goals for your scar closure. If you’ve had issues with previous C section scars, such as jagged lines or painful adhesions, this is the perfect time to bring them up.

You’ll also discuss your plans for delivery, including which Houston hospital and obstetrician you plan to use. If you and your plastic surgeon determine that a plastic surgeon-attended C section is an option for you, your surgeon will help you begin the next steps. You’ll be given instructions for contacting your OB and hospital to clear your plans.

What To Expect the Day of Your Plastic Surgery C Section Closure

Of course, the day of your C section closure is also the day you’ll meet your new baby! A smooth, safe delivery and time to bond with your baby will be the top priorities for both your OB and plastic surgeon.

Your plastic surgeon won’t interfere with your delivery or bonding time in any way. In fact, your experience will feel almost exactly like a traditional C section.

Typically, your plastic surgeon will make the initial incision into your abdomen, creating a straight and smooth incision that will result in as little scarring as possible. Your OB will still handle the delivery, including the incision and suture of the uterus. After delivery, your plastic surgeon will handle the external sutures.

What to Expect After Your Plastic Surgery C Section Closure

Immediate recovery will be very similar to recovery from a traditional C section. Farther along in the healing process, however, you may have an easier experience than patients who have had a traditional C section.

Patients who have had their incision and closure performed by a plastic surgeon often struggle less with painful adhesions around their scar tissue.

How Can TOPS Houston Help after a C Section?

If you’ve already had a C section and want to improve the appearance of your scars and/or post partum body, TOPS Houston offers a variety of cosmetic procedures for you. Whether your C section was ten years ago or ten months ago, procedures such as tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, scar revisions, and diastasis recti repairs can help you feel confident in your body again.

If you’re interested in having a plastic surgeon join you in the delivery room, reach out to schedule your initial consultation today.

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What can you expect on the day of your Tummy Tuck procedure in Houston, Texas?

The day of your Tummy Tuck procedure, your TOPS plastic surgeon will meet you in the preoperative area to go over any last minute questions or concerns you may have. With attention to detail being of utmost concern, your plastic surgeon may make some preoperative markings of the area and will perform extensive checks to ensure high-quality care and safety. You will meet the anesthesiologist and their team, as well as the members of our plastic surgery operative team.

During your procedure, our TOPS plastic surgeons pay meticulous attention to detail and work as a team to ensure a great result with a focus on safety and quality. Your family will be updated of your status periodically and will be able to talk with the plastic surgeon one-on-one after the procedure is completed. Tummy Tuck typically takes between 3-4 hours for our TOPS plastic surgeons.

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What can you expect for recovery after Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

After your Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty, you will be placed in an abdominal binder or garment. You will have a light dressing covering the incisions. Swelling is typical after Tummy Tuck. You may shower 24 hrs after the procedure. The TOPS plastic surgeons employ a multimodal pain regimen to decrease your need for narcotic pain medication, which allows our patients to recover quickly and feel more like themselves soon after surgery. This includes a long-lasting injectable anesthetic called Exparel that is injected during the procedure. Our Tummy Tuck patients can expect to return back to work on average of 2-3 weeks.

Initially, TOPS plastic surgeons and staff will see you or communicate with you daily to ensure proper healing. Most of the swelling begins to subside over the first few weeks, but swelling may persist for a few months after the procedure. We advise that you refrain from strenuous activity or heavy lifting greater than 10 lbs for 6 weeks during the healing process.

*Note: This only includes liposuction of the abdomen and flanks area. You may have additional charges for facility fee due to increased operative time.

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