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Reconstruction of Lumpectomy Defects in Houston, Texas

If you are unhappy with the way your breasts look after your lumpectomy procedure, the experienced plastic surgeons at The Oaks Plastic Surgery, Dr. Danielle Andry and Dr. Nandi Wijay can improve the appearance of your breasts and boost your confidence with a lumpectomy defect reconstruction.

Lumpectomy Defect Reconstruction

What is a Lumpectomy Defect?

A lumpectomy is a common procedure for treating breast cancer in the early stages. With a lumpectomy, any cancerous or abnormal tissue is removed, along with minimal amounts of normal tissue around the affected area. The removal of tissue can leave breasts looking asymmetric or even deformed. These problem areas are referred to as lumpectomy defects.

What is a Lumpectomy Defect Reconstruction?

If one or both of your breasts are misshapen due to a lumpectomy, and you don’t need a full breast reconstruction, then a lumpectomy reconstruction surgery might be the solution. Depending on the specific defects caused by the lumpectomy, there are several options to choose from for reconstructive lumpectomy surgery in Houston:

  1. Flap reconstruction - Flap reconstructive breast surgeries use muscle, fat and tissue from other areas of the body to reconstruct the excised breast tissue.
  2. Fat Grafting - In this type of reconstructive lumpectomy surgery, fat is taken by liposuction out of another area of the body and deposited via injection to the breast area that was affected by the lumpectomy.
  3. Implants - If a lot of tissue has to be removed during the lumpectomy, a breast implant might be used to during the breast reconstruction after lumpectomy to make your breasts more symmetrical.

Why do you want a Reconstruction of Lumpectomy Defects?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts after surgery to remove cancerous tissue, then a reconstructive surgery for lumpectomy defects might be able to help. This procedure can remove dimples and hardened areas in the breast, make your breasts more symmetrical, remove scars, and reduce other disfigurations. These changes can help improve your self-confidence and reduce body image anxieties.

What procedures are often performed with a Reconstruction of Lumpectomy Defects?

Depending on the type of reconstructive lumpectomy surgery the client chooses, a number of other procedures might be required. In addition, certain elective procedures can sometimes be completed during the lumpectomy reconstruction. Some women choose to have liposuction, tummy tucks and/or facelift procedures completed at the same time. Your Houston lumpectomy reconstruction surgery specialist can help you decide which are the best options for your procedure.

What do you want from a Reconstruction of Lumpectomy Defects surgery?

Like most women, you probably want to feel confident in your appearance. This can be especially important after treatment for cancer. A lumpectomy reconstruction at our Houston office will help to improve the look and feel of your breasts, as well as restore your confidence in your body.

What can you expect at your initial consultation for reconstructive lumpectomy surgery in Houston at The Oaks Plastic Surgery?

If you are interested in a lumpectomy reconstruction Houston, Texas, you can contact the clinic to schedule a consultation today. You can expect the initial consultation to last an hour or more. In your consultation, your TOPS plastic surgeon will:

  • Listen to your specific complaints and goals.
  • Perform a thorough examination, focusing on your individual anatomy. Precise measurements and photographs will be taken.
  • Your TOPS plastic surgeon will discuss details of the surgical procedures that are offered and which approach is right for you. Details regarding scars and technique will be outlined for you.
  • If your plastic surgeon feels that your breast reconstruction after lumpectomy may be approved by insurance, a letter will be submitted to your insurance asking for insurance approval.
  • If you and the surgeon feel that the addition of other procedures, such as a necklift or tummy tuck is the right choice for you, this operation will also be explained to you.
  • The risks and benefits of reconstructive lumpectomy surgery will be thoroughly outlined.
  • You will be given ample opportunity to ask questions from both your plastic surgeon and the cosmetic staff regarding lumpectomy reconstruction surgery.
  • You will be sent home with a packet of information regarding the procedure, including a detailed consent form and instructions for before and after your Houston lumpectomy reconstruction surgery
breasts lumpectomy defects surgery

What can you expect on the day of your Reconstruction of Lumpectomy Defects procedure in Houston, Texas?

On the day of your Houston lumpectomy reconstruction, you will meet with a specialist to go over any last minute questions or concerns you may have. Your plastic surgeon will review the details of your planned procedure with you. You will also meet with the anesthesiologist and the nursing team before surgery to discuss any other medical concerns that might impact the surgery and to make you as comfortable as possible with the team working on your surgery.

After the surgery, the team will review the procedure with you and update you on the outcome. You will receive complete instructions on post-operative care and scheduled for your follow-up appointments.

breast houston lumpectomy reconstruction

What can you expect for recovery after a Reconstruction of Lumpectomy Defects?

After your Houston lumpectomy reconstruction surgery, you can expect to feel some discomfort from the surgery. There will be swelling and possibly some numbness in the breast area. Should be able to resume normal daily activity immediately. However, you will likely need to limit strenuous activity for 4 to 6 weeks after your reconstructive lumpectomy surgery. The appearance of any scars will improve over time. Many scars are faded within twelve to eighteen months of the procedure.

If a lumpectomy defect procedure sounds right with you, schedule an appointment today.

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