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Trigger Finger Surgery in Houston, Texas

Trigger Finger Surgery is a condition in which one or multiple fingers are gets stuck in a bent position. Trigger finger can be very painful, and may cause a number of symptoms including pain, swelling and popping sensation in the hand. Trigger Finger surgery is a simple way to relieve those symptoms now and over the longer-term to improve your quality of life.

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What is Trigger Finger Surgery?

Trigger Finger surgery is an operation that can eradicate the symptoms associated with trigger finger. Trigger Finger is caused by inflammation of the tendon as it passes through the pulley systems in the hand. Inflammation causes narrowing of the space causing the tendon to “catch” and get stuck in the flexed position. The treatment involves the cutting of the A1 pulley which help allow the tendon to glide freely. After the Trigger Finger Surgery, your symptoms are resolved almost instantly.

During trigger finger surgery, you will lie on your back with your arm outstretched on an operating board by your side. You’ll be given local anesthetic injections to ensure you don’t feel any pain and a tourniquet will be inflated to stop the blood flowing to your hand. A small incision will then be made on the palm side of the hand. Careful dissection will be carried down to the A1 pulley. We will then release the A1 pulley to help the tendon glide. The cut will then be closed with stitches and a bandage will be applied. As some of the best trigger finger doctors in Houston, we are the perfect team to perform this surgery for you.

Why do you want a Trigger Finger Doctor in Houston?

Trigger Finger is a very common disorder found in the United States. The symptoms of trigger finger affect individuals in a number of ways. Primarily, they can reduce an individual’s ability to perform work duties. As well as the general discomfort the symptoms provide, patients also consistently report being woken up multiple times at night due to hand pain and numbness. By performing Trigger Finger surgery, we can alleviate all of these symptoms for you so you can live your life.

What do you want from Trigger Finger Treatment?

Dr Danielle Andry and Dr Nandi Wijay are two of the most experienced trigger finger surgeons in Houston. They can perform a relatively simple and painless operation that lasts around 20 minutes and eliminates the symptoms of trigger finger over the long-term.

What can you expect during your initial Trigger Finger Treatment consultation?

The first step is to have an initial consultation with one of our Trigger Finger doctors at The Oaks Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas. Your surgeon will:

  • Ask you about your symptoms and discuss the goals you want to achieve with Trigger Finger treatment
  • Perform a thorough examination that focuses on your specific anatomy
  • Introduce non-surgical techniques that could be effective
  • Explain the surgical procedure and the potential risks associated with the treatment
  • Answer any questions you may have about the procedure
  • Give you a detailed information pack so you can read more about Trigger Finger surgery in your own time. It will also include a consent form and instructions to follow before and after the treatment
Trigger Finger Surgery

What should you expect after Trigger Finger Surgery?

As you will be given a local anesthetic, it will usually take a few hours for the feeling to come back into your wrist and hand. During this time, it’s important you don’t bump your hand and are careful around hot items like kettles and stoves. Once the anesthetic wears off, you may need over-the-counter painkillers to ease any discomfort you feel. At this point, you should keep your arm up as much as possible to help to reduce the swelling. It’s also important to keep the bandage dry, so we recommend wearing a rubber glove or putting a plastic bag over your hand when you take a shower or bath.

You will be able to remove the bandage three to four days after the surgery. However, you still need to keep the wound dry until the stitches have been taken out or they dissolve. We recommend a few activities like brushing your hair or your teeth to keep the hand moving, although you should build up movement gradually and stop if your hand or wrist starts to hurt. You’ll be able to get your wound wet and return to light work around two to three weeks after the surgery, and your full wrist strength will return a month or so later.

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