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Breast Reduction in Houston, Texas

Breast reduction is a very common procedure in Houston, Texas that helps relieve neck, back, and shoulder pain, and enables patients to fit better in clothing and feel better about their overall appearance.

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What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that decreases the size of the breasts along with lifting and reshaping of the breasts. Breast reduction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures by the plastic surgeons at The Oaks Plastic Surgery (TOPS). Breast reduction can truly be life-changing for women who suffer from neck, back, and shoulder pain from large, heavy breasts. These large breasts often limit women’s ability to be active, to fit in certain clothing, or to feel comfortable in swimsuits or other summer outfits. Breast reduction removes some of this breast tissue resulting in a lighter breast that is less heavy and cumbersome. The nipple is also lifted to a more youthful position and the areola is often decreased in size.

Breast reduction often involves a scar around the areola, down the front of the breast, and often extends into the fold underneath the breast. Over time, these scars fade, and the plastic surgeons at The Oaks Plastic Surgery use multiple techniques to help reduce the appearance of scars.

At The Oaks Plastic Surgery, breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital or surgery center. Breast reduction is typically an outpatient plastic surgery procedure, meaning our plastic surgery patients can go home the same day after their breast reduction.

Why do you want a Breast Reduction?

Women who want smaller, lifted breasts could benefit greatly from a breast reduction. For women with very large breasts, referred to as macromastia or gigantomastia, breast reduction can significantly reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain. Additionally, patients find that breast reduction helps with their overall hygiene, particularly during the hot summer months in Houston, Texas.

For women who suffer from the following symptoms, insurance may be able to help pay for your breast reduction:

  • Neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain that is not helped with anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, or specialty support bras
  • Referrals to orthopedic or spine surgeons due to neck or back pain from the weight of breasts
  • Painful grooving in the shoulders
  • Rashes, skin breakdown or infections under the breast or difficulty with hygiene due to large breasts
  • Needing to wear multiple bras to keep breasts in while working out or even on a daily basis

Patients who have undergone breast reduction with the above symptoms are some of the happiest patients of our plastic surgeons at The Oaks Plastic Surgery.

What do you want from a Breast Reduction surgery?

If you have suffered from symptoms of headaches, neck, back, and shoulder pain or rashes under your breasts, you want relief from these symptoms. Most of our breast reduction patients at The Oaks Plastic Surgery notice a dramatic improvement of these symptoms on day 1. But you shouldn’t only care about relief of the functional issues caused by large breasts. Most women want smaller, perkier breasts that have a good size and shape for their body frame. So many of our breast reduction patients for the first time since they were teenagers can wear the types of clothing they want to wear, fit into swimsuits, or work out without feeling uncomfortable or in pain.

Some of the most rewarding patients we see are teenagers or women in their low- to mid-twenties who have large breasts and as a result, suffered teasing, had difficulty performing in sports, or refrained from participating in regular activities due to pain or embarrassment. These young women’s lives are completely changed by this breast reduction operation, which makes it one of our favorite plastic surgery procedures to perform at The Oaks Plastic Surgery.

What procedures are often performed with a Breast Reduction at The Oaks Plastic Surgery?

Most often, liposuction of the upper back/bra line area is added on to breast reduction to help contour the transition from the breast to the back to make it more natural and slimming. This also helps avoid a longer scar that can add to contour deformities under the arm and onto the back.

Breast reduction is also often performed as part of a mommy makeover along with abdominoplasty, liposuction, and vaginal rejuvenation.

What can you expect at your initial consultation at The Oaks Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas?

If you are interested in a breast reduction in Houston, Texas, an appointment can be made with Dr. Danielle Andry and Dr. Nandi Wijay. You can expect the initial consultation to last an hour or more. In your consultation, your TOPS plastic surgeon will:

  • Listen to your specific complaints and goals
  • Perform a thorough examination, focusing on your individual anatomy. Precise measurements and photographs will be taken.
  • If breast reduction is the right option for you, your TOPS plastic surgeon will discuss details of the surgical procedures that are offered and which approach is right for you. Details regarding scars and technique will be outlined for you.
  • If your plastic surgeon feels that your breast reduction procedure may be approved by insurance, a letter will be submitted to your insurance asking for insurance approval for the breast reduction procedure
  • If you and the surgeon feel that the addition of liposuction is the right choice for you this operation will also be explained to you
  • The risks and benefits of breast reduction will be thoroughly outlined
  • You will be given ample opportunity to ask questions from both your plastic surgeon and the cosmetic staff regarding breast lift surgery
  • You will be sent home with a packet of information regarding the breast reduction including a detailed consent form and instructions for before and after your breast reduction surgery in Houston, Texas.

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What can you expect on the day of your Breast Reduction procedure in Houston, Texas?

The day of your breast reduction surgery, your TOPS plastic surgeon will meet you in the preoperative area to go over any last minute questions or concerns you may have. Your plastic surgeon will make preoperative markings and will perform extensive checks and attention to detail ensuring high quality care and safety. You will meet the anesthesiologist and their team, as well as the members of our plastic surgery operative team.

During the procedure, our plastic surgeons pay meticulous attention to detail and work as a team to ensure a great result with a focus on safety and quality. Your family will be updated of your status periodically and will be able to talk with the physician one-on-one after the procedure is completed.

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What can you expect for recovery after a Breast Reduction?

After your breast reduction procedure, you will be placed in a special postsurgical dressing. You will have a light dressing covering the incisions. Swelling is typical after surgery. You may shower 24 hrs after the procedure. The TOPS plastic surgeons employ a multimodal pain regimen to decrease or eliminate your need for narcotic pain medication, which allows are patients to recover quickly and feel more like themselves soon after surgery. Most of our breast reduction patients are ready to go back to work within 1-2 weeks. Initially, our plastic surgeons and cosmetic staff in Houston will see you or communicate with you daily to ensure proper healing. Most of the swelling begins to subside over the first week or two and typically resolves by 4-6 weeks.

We advise that you refrain from strenuous activity or heavy lifting greater than 10 lbs for 4-6 weeks during the healing process.

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