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Candidate Requirements
Asked by Tajanay | 2019-12-06 | Tummy Tuck
Do you have a BMI requirement?
Do we have a BMI requirement for Tummy Tuck!
Answered by Dr. Nandi Wijay

Great Question! 

A lot of patients have this question when they come in for a consultation.
First, BMI is a great tool doctors can use to help determine a patient’s general body type.  However, BMI does not completely determine if a patient is healthy enough to undergo surgery and anesthesia.  
When a patient comes in for a consultation, we will take a detailed history and physical to determine if they are a good candidate for surgery. 
So, we do not have a strict BMI cutoff, but as your BMI goes above 30 we take extra precautions and more pre-operative testing before we preforming surgery!

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