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Mass Excision in Houston, Texas

Finding an unexpected lump or mass anywhere on your body can be a scary experience. While many areas of unusual tissue growth are benign, they can still cause problems and may need to be removed. The doctors at The Oaks Plastic Surgery in Houston are experts in the most advanced mass excision surgery techniques.

soft tissue mass excision

What causes a soft tissue mass?

Soft tissue masses are usually caused by an uncontrolled growth of cells. Occasionally, soft tissue masses may be caused by cancer cells. More often, however, soft tissue masses are the result of a benign tumor, a pocket of fatty tissue, or a liquid-filled cyst.

So, what is a mass excision?

Simply put, mass excision is the complete removal of a soft tissue mass.

Why do you want a mass excision in Houston?

Generally, a mass excision surgery is done because the soft tissue mass has attached to a muscle or tendon beneath the skin and must be removed before it causes additional medical issues by damaging surrounding blood vessels, nerves, muscle, tendons, or bone. Masses can also cause pain by putting pressure on nerves, joints, and tendons.

Whether you want to have a mass excision for aesthetic reasons or because the mass is causing pain or other health problems, Dr. Danielle Andry and Dr. Nandi Wijay at The Oaks Plastic Surgery in Houston can help.

What types of mass excision procedures are offered by our Houston plastic surgeons?

The plastic surgeons at The Oaks Plastic Surgery routinely perform mass excisions of all types in Houston. The most commonly requested mass excision procedures in Houston are:

  • excision of abdominal mass
  • excision of neck mass
  • breast mass excision
  • transanal excision of rectal mass
  • vulvar mass excision
  • excision of chest wall mass
  • excision of left and right axillary (underarm) masses
  • parapharyngeal mass excision
  • retroperitoneal mass excision
  • submandibular mass excision

What can you expect at your initial consultation for mass excision in Houston?

Your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon at The Oaks Plastic Surgery in Houston will last an hour or more. You will have the opportunity to discuss your surgical goals and concerns regarding your Houston mass excision surgery with your physician. During the private appointment, your doctor will:

  • Gain an understanding of your specific goals for surgery, as well as your medical history.
  • Perform a thorough examination.
  • Make recommendations for any surgical or nonsurgical procedures that may help you achieve your goals.
  • If surgery is the right choice for you, your doctor will discuss details of the available surgical procedures so that you are fully informed about your options.
  • Preoperative photographs will be taken.
  • The risks and benefits of all procedures will be fully and completely explained.
  • You will have time to ask questions about any other surgical or nonsurgical procedures you may be interested in.
  • You will receive a packet of information detailing your recommended course of treatment, including consent forms and complete instructions for both before and after your Houston mass excision surgery.

The goal for your initial consultation is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your mass excision surgery.

houston mass excision surgery

What can you expect on the day of your mass excision procedure in Houston?

On the day of your Houston mass excision surgery, you will meet with a specialist to go over any last minute questions or concerns you may have. Your plastic surgeon will review the details of your planned procedure with you. You will also meet with the anesthesiologist and the nursing team before surgery to discuss any other medical concerns that might impact the surgery and to make you as comfortable as possible with the team working on your surgery.

After the surgery, the team will review the procedure with you and update you on the outcome. You will receive complete instructions on post-operative care and your follow-up appointments will be scheduled.

mass excision doctors houston

What can you expect for recovery after your surgery for mass excision in Houston?

Houston mass excision surgical procedures are usually performed on an out-patient basis, which means you’ll be able to go home the same day. Recovery time is usually minimal but can vary depending on the size and location of the mass that is excised. Most patients are able to resume their normal activities within a few days.

Most of the time, once the soft tissue mass is removed during a mass excision surgery, it won’t come back. However, It is possible for a soft tissue mass to be locally recurrent. Ask your doctor if this is a possibility for you.

Are you ready for mass excision surgery in Houston? Call Dr. Danielle Andry and Dr. Nandi Wijay to schedule your initial consultation today.

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