Hey guys it’s Dr. Wijay here at The Oaks Plastic Surgery! I wanted to go over the 4 things to expect from your Tummy Tuck consultation, so let’s get into it!

So, the first thing we’ll talk about is your medical history and BMI. Your BMI is a calculation of your weight and height.

The second thing we’ll talk about after medical history is if you’re a good candidate for a tummy tuck! If you are a good candidate we’ll go over the different types of Tummy Tuck and once we examine your body we’ll find out what Tummy Tuck is best for your body type.

Third, we’ll go over where your scar will be in your bikini line and where your new belly button will be.

Fourth we’re going to talk about liposuction. Most people do get liposuction to their flanks when they get a Tummy Tuck. It’s not required, but we’ll definitely go over what your result will be with and without liposuction.

So there you have it! Those are the 4 things to expect in your Tummy Tuck Consultation! Stay tuned to learn more about your Tummy Tuck journey!

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