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Hey y’all! It’s Dr. Danielle Andry here at the Oaks Plastic Surgery in Houston Texas. So today I’m going to talk to you about 5 lunchtime surgical procedures. These are all procedures that we can perform in our office just under local anesthesia that you can basically do in an hour or less on your lunch break!

So Buccal Fat excision is the removal of this fat pad right here that’s underneath your cheekbone. It helps to give you a contoured look all the time and kinda gets rid of those chipmunk cheeks or the area that if you bite your cheek a lot you might have a little bit of extra Buccal Fat so it just gives you a really sleek contoured snatched jawline look that a lot of people like. In the office under an hour, in and out.

So number 2 is Neck Liposuction. This goes along really well with Buccal Fat excision as it really helps slim down the area under the chin, giving you that nice chiseled jawline area for patients who have a little bit of fat there. We go in with tumescent solution which numbs the area and we remove the fat under local in the office. That, along with buccal fat removal, is going to give your lower face a really snatched, contoured look.

Number 3 is an upper eyelid lift. This is so much easier than a lower eyelid lift and we perform most of these just in our office. If you have a tired appearing look, a lot of times it comes from a little bit of extra skin right above your eyelid. We numb up that area and then we go in and excise that extra skin, sometimes remove a little bit of the extra muscle or fat away, sew it up in the office, and then do the same thing on the other side. The procedure is usually done within an hour to an hour and a half. This can help give you a much more awake appearing look and it’s one of those procedures that lasts a really long time and people look at you and know that something is different but cant quite put their finger on it.

Number 4 is two different procedure but I’m clumping them in as one. They are an Inverted Nipple Repair and a Nipple Reduction. Some people are born with their nipple pointing inward and attached with fibrous bands. What we do is go in and break up those fibrous bands, put in some special stitches and that helps turn your innie into and outie. This can be done in under an hour, in our office under local anesthesia. With a Nipple Reduction, some people have a larger nipple or even a widened areolar complex, that we can also reduce in the office. These are both very easy procedures, something that nobody will know you got done on your lunch break and you can definitely go back to work after these.

Number 5 is a Labiaplasty. This is something that more girls are starting to talk about because this is not just about vanity. A lot of women have pain or discomfort from elongated labia that can get caught during certain activities, they can get pulled even just putting on clothes, they can show in yoga pants and bathing suits. It can be very embarassing to women. This is a very easy procedure to perform under local anesthesia in our office. We just trim up the labia and most of my patients can go right back to work the same day after this. You will have just a little bit of bleeding/spotting but a very easy procedure and very easy to recover from!

So there you have it, those are my 5 “Lunchtime” In-Office easy procedures under local anesthesia!

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