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That pesky double chin fat that is naturally almost impossible to get rid of is one of the most common insecurities aesthetically! But why is that double chin fat there? Lets dig in. Although the most common misconception is that you have to be overweight to have a double chin, that is false. It can be genetics, age or maybe an underlying medical problem. Diet and exercise can help greatly diminish this submental fat under the chin. Still, it might not help completely for some and others, not at all. Lucky for all of us, there are a couple options to diminish the double chin. The following two procedures mentioned below are most reliable as far as results in our experience for double chin fat!

The first option to eliminate double chin fat is Kybella, a deoxycholic acid. Kybella injected directly into the fatty double chin area helps breakdown and absorbs dietary fat. It destroys fat cells beneath the chin. Depending on the amount of fat needed to be removed, the amount of Kybella vials required will vary. Expect swelling for a couple of days and numbness for a couple of weeks. Results are seen within a couple of weeks. The cells are no longer able to store fat so results are permanent. 1-2 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Although we have seen great results with Kybella, there is nothing on the market that can give you 100% effective results in the way that Liposuction can! The common belief is that Liposuction is expensive and has to always be performed under general anesthesia. In reality, liposuction can be performed in office with local numbing and for equal or lesser cost than Kybella injections! Local numbing is placed on a tiny area under the chin so there is little to no pain. The procedure takes about an hour and you can expect swelling and/or bruising for a couple of days. The results are seen once swelling goes down and are also permanent.

Getting rid of your double chin can boost your confidence and define your jawline for a smoother, more youthful look. We are always happy to walk you through both procedures and help you choose the one that is more comfortable for you!

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