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Hi, it’s Dr. Danielle Andry, here at The Oaks Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas. Today I’m going to go through cohesivities of implants! The majority of implants that we use are the Allergan Natrelle implants (Gummy Bear), so, one is gummy, one is gummier and one is gummiest. In actual terms, they are responsive, soft touch, and cohesive.

The responsive sits in more of a teardrop shape, but whenever you put it in a bra, it can push up, but whenever it’s just sitting on your chest, you’re going to get much more of a teardrop shape. They are also a lot softer whenever you squeeze them.

The next step up is the soft touch! This one is a little more rounded and also has less rippling. Also, whenever you squeeze them, the responsive is softer whereas the soft touch is firmer.

The third step up is the cohesive. The cohesive is the most rounded look of the three implants. You can see the biggest difference when comparing the cohesive to the much more teardrop shaped responsive implant, which also has much more rippling!

In addition to these three implants, there is one more implant that I do like to use, and that is the Sientra implant! It is a great in-between option for some of the other implants. There is a little more rippling but it gives you a bit more projection throughout the implant. So, if you have a good tissue coverage, this can be a great option for you!

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