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Hey guys, Dr. Wijay here at The Oaks Plastic Surgery. I wanted to go over what can be liposuctioned and what we can remove via a tummy tuck. There are two types of fat. Intra-abdominal fat and extra-abdominal fat. The intra-abdominal fat is the fat that is around your stomach, your intestines, your liver and all your internal organs. That is the fat that we cannot remove surgically and must be removed through diet and exercise. The extra-abdominal fat, which is the fat that is outside your six pack muscles (your abs), is the part that we can liposuction down or cut out via a Tummy Tuck. So, if you can pinch it, we can likely liposuction it out or we will remove it with a Tummy Tuck. The part you can’t pinch is that intra-abdominal fat that we cannot remove via liposuction or Tummy Tuck.

So, here’s a picture of a person who had a great result from her Tummy Tuck, she’s still a touch full, however, she’ll lose that fullness overtime through diet and exercise. Her quality of life is so greatly improved due to the excess skin that was hanging over.

This is a picture of someone with very little intra-abdominal fat, but after kids, her extra-abdominal fat and skin was stretched out. By doing a Tummy Tuck and liposuction, you can see how great hr result is.

So, we promote all of our patients to be healthy, diet and exercise after surgery. Also, with the help of a garment to assist in contracting the skin and fat to get you to your best possible result.

When you come in, I’ll be able to tell you what I can liposuction, what I can Tummy Tuck safely and what procedure is best for you!

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